Monday, September 5, 2016


               I read an article today that I wanted to pass onto you. It's all about HOW THE LIARS WIN. The Republican Party is famous for their 'sound bite' ads and yes, they are usually lying. This article goes into detail regarding the election of G W Bush and the tactics that were used then, and how those same tactics are being used now!

Written by Paul Krugman and titled Opinion: Hillary Clinton Gets Gored


         DJ Trump can barely open his mouth without a lie falling out, and yet everyone, especially the media, gives this racist a pass. No one makes him answer for his bombastic revelations. In fact, their coverage of him and his antics gives them credence, and now people are repeating his lies as fact!

         Hillary Clinton dedicated her entire life to serving others, and she is all but crucified for something that was not her fault! How many times have you been grilled or had to answer questions on the run or off the cuff, and you didn't have all the answers. She's the damn Secretary of State, not the Secretary to the CEO. She has others working for her, and I believe she's done the best she could. Has she made mistakes, yes, we all have. And she's answered for them. Others have used unofficial email accounts. The worst lies about Hillary are about the charity she and her husband created. They seem to imply it has some sort of political influence around the world when it's only done GOOD for others.

         Has D J Trump answered for anything? Where are his tax reports, and where's his accurate health report? The man is a menace to all that is good!

         Wake up America or the liars will win again!