Thursday, August 11, 2016



I've been a registered Republican, Independent, and Democrat! Also, I have never voted the 'party ticket.' I'd prefer to be registered as an independent, but in my state, you can't vote in the primary, and Independents have no voice, so I changed to Democrat (something I did this year because of DJT!). Years ago, I changed my affiliation from Republican to Independent because of the 'party line' or platform situation. Groups of people go into a room and decide what issues the rest of us are supposed to support. Total nonsense!

The idea of 'party line' or platform, reminded me of the time my church asked me to sign their creed! I make up my own mind, about all things! Even at sixteen, I couldn't buy the line "Jesus descended into Hell" Uh, sorry, not buying it. I don't believe in Hell, as a place. For me, evil is a lack of light! Just as ignorance is a lack of knowledge and intolerance is a lack of empathy! I'm one of those folks that believe in life after death (and not the walking on clouds in a white gown, bowing down to a man on a throne!). I also believe that your sins in this life determine the rewards or lack thereof in the next life.

Please vote for the 'right' candidate! Just because he or she is in the party you've signed up for doesn't make them the best candidate! For God's sake, think for yourself! Quoting the sound bites you hear on the news shows won't cut it! Educate yourself, read, and make sure it's something besides the local paper or the evening news. 

Investigate; take the time to know your candidate. Know your own mind. You have one. Use it!

I'm a moderate – I believe in a woman's right to choose! I believe in an individual's right to own a gun, but not in an individual's right to own an Uzi! I want background checks on ALL sales!

A living wage. Please!

When I moved out, or rather was thrown out as a teenager, I managed to get a job and pay for lodging (it was only a room, but still). After I attained my high school degree, I could afford an apartment and a car, including insurance, on a wage of $7.50 an hour. That's impossible today. I recently applied for a professional job and was told the wage was $8.00 an hour. I almost couldn't believe it. Even after I graduated from college, and tried to negotiate a better salary, I was told 'if you don't take the job, someone else will.' It's impossible today to get a living wage. Even worse, is that raises and bonuses are totally off the table. Thirty years later and the wages are impossibly low! This is madness!

At my husband's company, they will only hire people if they'll accept 18 to 20 hours a week. It's to avoid having to provide healthcare and other benefits. My husband can't keep staff and yet management doesn't see an issue. They expect him to hold the sales to wage ratio down, and he does, at the cost of his own health. He works 60 to 70 hours a week to make up for a lack of workers and his desire to meet the ratio his company requires. 

These corporate rules, which many companies use are asinine! 

This article about India and the corporate pressure, well, it isn't only happening there!

I want fair immigration for ALL immigrants. Let those poor folks who've been here for ages get their records straight. Shipping people back. Ridiculous!

I don't understand why immigration is such a problem, or maybe I do! Whenever I've been hired, I have to prove I'm a citizen. So how are all these illegals working here? The corporations allow illegal Immigrants to work for them. They don't have to report them for taxes or pay their share. They also don't have to offer them a fair wage. The rich are getting rich off the undocumented, and they don't want that to change! Typical!

ALL Americans deserve health care and not at the exorbitant prices now out there. I'm for national healthcare for all! Even now, folks are paying for healthcare and not going to the doctor!

I don't want another war, but we have to honor our commitments, but for me, it's through diplomacy. President Obama did that beautifully with Iran. Diplomacy is essential! This idea of throwing money at dictators and then expecting them to conform is ridiculous! I don't want boots on the ground, in a country that doesn't even like us, why make our boys the target from the enemy and the allies? Stupid!

We need to do more to help with the refugee crises, world starvation, and poverty, here in the U. S. and worldwide! We live in a global community and need to recognize that!

We are one race! The human race! 

Well some of us are – those that discriminate, spout violence, cause violence or are violent and intolerant are sub-humans from the planet – Idiot. They came to earth to destroy humanity – now one of them is running for the most powerful office in the world! Are we doomed?

This post tells you a little about me and gives you a glimpse of what I believe. Who are you? What do you believe?



  1. Hear. Hear. For many of my voting years I considered myself an independent and voted who I felt was the best person for the job. But extremist have done away with middle ground and reaching across the table. These days I'm a Democrat and proud of it:)

    1. Hi, Sandra, sorry I missed this comment earlier. Life's been a bit hectic as you can see from my lack of a post for almost a month. Politics, especially lately, just makes a person want to close the world out. I've tried. LOL
      You're right, there doesn't seem to be a middle ground anymore. It's win or we all lose! The Republicans seem to feel humanity can wait for them to decide the future, because they certainly aren't and haven't allowed a black man, our President, to succeed. That'll teach him, and us, I guess. Racism is killing our country, and all it would take is some leadership - but these bullies have decided otherwise!


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